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Why “The Paphos Paradigm”?  A paradigm is an example or pattern.   The significance of Paphos is found in Acts 13.  Paul’s first missionary journey took him, Barnabas and John Mark to Paphos, the capital of  Cyprus.  As they preached the good news of Jesus, the first named convert mentioned was a politician named Sergius Paulus, the proconsul or governor.

I serve as the state director for Maryland for Capitol Ministries, which exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the political arena in America’s 50 states and around the world.  The Paphos Paradigm is a great pattern to follow when seeking to minister to government leaders.  This blog will be about that mandate – a missing mandate in modern missions of the Church.  Hopefully it will serve to remind us all of what the scriptures say regarding our responsibility as citizens of a spiritual kingdom currently living in an earthly kingdom. 

The picture on the blog is the capitol building in Annapolis, with the House Office Buiding to the left and Senate Office Building to the right.  In between the capitol and the Senate offices is the governor’s mansion.  Right here in these halls of power, we are praying for opportunities to touch elected officials with the gospel just as Paul did in Paphos. 

Please leave your comments as we journey together through all this.  I look forward to thinking through passages that give us direction about our posture toward our government – the Bible is not silent on this!

Again, welcome.