Let me take a minute today to brag on some lawmakers who deserve our recognition.  It’s not because they are receiving prestigious awards or citations from their community or state for their dedicated public service (although they serve well).  I’m proud of them and want to brag a little because they recently asked for prayer.

The first is my delegate in the West Virginia legislature, Jonathan Miller (Berkeley County).  I want to commend Del. Miller for his faith and openess to talk about spiritual things when we get together.  He recently sent a survey to his constituents which included a letter with this request:

Del Jonathan Miller

But there is one more thing you can do to help me serve you: pray.  Please pray for me as well as the Charleston politicians.  Praying for those serving in public office is the most powerful thing you can do to help our community, state, and nation. . . So, please return the ‘Rapid Response Survey on Key Issues’ and pray for all your elected officials today.”

I love it when leaders ask for prayer, because it is a public ackowledgement that their work is beyond them; that they are dependent on the God Who has placed them in their offices. 

I also saw this post on Facebook a few days ago by Maryland Delegate Donna Stifler (Harford County) who is recovering from a painful ankle sprain:

Del. Donna Stifler

to all who have been praying for me, my ankle appears to be improving! I did not have to take pain med last night for the first time in about 2 weeks! please continue to pray for my strength and healing down here. thanks

We may forget to pray for our leaders from time to time, but when they come right out and ask for prayer, sometimes with specific requests, we should not fail to stop and lift them up to the Lord.  Praise God for these who let us know what their needs are and that they believe and depend on the prayers of their constituents!

So pray for delegates Miller and Stifler.  Consider visiting, writing or calling the representatives from your district and ask them how you can pray for them as well.  I can tell you this is not a request they receive very often, to the church’s shame.