Al and Tipper Gore

When Al and Tipper Gore announced they were divorcing after 40 years of marriage, they took their place in a long line of public servants who have experienced the erosion of the deepest possible earthly relationship.  It’s true that people of all walks of life “grow apart” or have affairs (which reports say the Gores didn’t), but in the political sphere, marriage is a regular casualty that knows no partisan boundary.

Please don’t uncaringly consider the Gore’s announcement as just another couple who blew it, as if we expect it.  Let’s use this as a reminder to pray.

Those in politics may have much influence and the ability to appropriate billions of dollars, but they are still humans who have the same daily struggles you and I face.  The constant care and feeding of a marriage relationship becomes very difficult, though, when schedules and, if left unchecked, priorities diverge.  The sad reality is that sometimes leaders choose power over marriage.

I have spoken with office-holders and spouses whose marriages began to unravel when they won their election.  I have spoken to others who realized the potential danger and did not run for reelection.  Still others strive to make it work and give the proper attention to their mates, even though it seems impossible to pull off.

The divorce of the Gores is a tragedy and should spur the church to pray more often and more effectively for those who lead us.  As we pray, though, remember that a heart that knows and pursues God will stand a better chance of success.  God instituted marriage, provides its regulation in Scripture and gives the resources by His Spirit to enable two human beings to display the relationship between Christ and His church.  Our leaders need their lives changed by the gospel of Christ before their marriages will truly please Him.

That should be our first prayer for them.